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Contracts are used in almost every transaction.  A shocking number of people either glance through a contract or fail to read it all together before signing it.  Everyone is anxious to move forward in haste to make the purchase or proceed with the project.  Some of the information relayed in a contract may seem redundant or unimportant and sadly, many have found themselves in positions that they would not have allowed if they had known, before signing the contract, the true nature of its provisions.  Before signing any contract, it should be read with understanding.  Best practices state that both parties understand the provisions of the arrangement before entering into a contractual agreement. Some contracts are designed to be convoluting or difficult to read.  Collins Law Office, P.C. & P.C. LLO (CLO) can review and explain, in depth, the provisions of a contract, saving you time a resources.  CLO can review contracts in the following areas.

  • Real estate contracts and leases
  • Employment contracts
  • Partnership contract
  • Consulting contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Goods and services contract

CLO can also draft well-scripted contracts that provide the best protections for their clients.  Call Collins Law Office, P.C. & P.C. LLO today to assist you in your contract needs. 

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