Covid-19 Protocol

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At Collins Law Office, P.C. & P.C. LLO, we are taking COVID-19 seriously and are doing our part to help slow the spread of this dangerous virus. In Alabama, Colorado, and Alabama, our offices are taking the highest measures to assure our staff and clients' safety. Temperatures are taken upon entry of our facilities and the proper COVID-19 inquiries are made to all those desiring entry into our facilities. Masks are required by clients and staff inside of all of our offices.

To Our Clients and Potential Clients

We are here and working on your case as usual with no interruption of service. In the interest of safety, the doors of all three offices are locked during business hours. Clients are allowed into our offices by appointment only. If you arrive at one of our offices and the door is locked during business hours, please knock or call and we will grant you access.

As you can well imagine, there may be some agencies that we contact on your behalf that may be slower at responding than usual, such as hospitals. There may be delays at the government level due to shutdowns. However, we are here and will continue to drive your case forward with the same attention and devotion you and your case deserve. We are always happy to meet with you in our offices if you are not sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Alternatively, we are delighted to work with you electronically, and once this crisis is over to meet in person.

On-Going Cases and Litigation Cases

We are still working on settlements, and we have signed up new cases since COVID-19 began, so if you or someone you know gets hurt, we can help take care of the case.

In our litigation cases, we are working with opposing counsel and the courts to continue the flow of our cases. The courts are working to keep the caseloads flowing but are doing so on a limited basis. If delays occur in your case, we will let you know immediately.

Collins Law Office Is Here for You

Collins Law Office, P.C. & P.C. LLO (CLO) is a premier, multi-state law firm that fights for its clients' rights and endeavors to exceed expectations. CLO is committed to proficiently and reliably providing every client with the compensation and justice they deserve. No stone goes unturned, and every avenue is ventured to obtain all that our clients deserve. Every client is important to us; thus, every case is handled with diligence. Additionally, our team makes every effort to promptly return every phone call and inform our clients of their case's progress regularly. At CLO, each member of our diverse and talented team strives to treat every client with decency, dignity, and respect, understanding the immense pressures caused by the injuries they have incurred. CLO values each team member and understands that a healthy team will fight vigorously for its clients. CLO's goal is to provide our clients with competent, diligent, and trustworthy service that will render the best results.

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